January 30, 2016

2018 Members

Our members are our greatest assets!  Our Foundation Hall is in it’s second year of operation, and we are working hard to grow the education program.  We have created a membership program to help subsidize the lessons that we now offer 5 days a week in bagpipes, Scottish drumming, and Highland dancing.  We are very proud of our instructors, and talented musicians and dancers.

Thanks for your support.  All membership monies go towards the DSAF Hall and our efforts to grow our programs.

In the Summer of 2017, we expanded our membership to our Youth Program, and we gained 24 new Youth Members!

Welcome everyone to the Dunedin Scottish Arts Foundation!

As of February 2018, we have 181 current active members, thank you all!

Current Stirling Members: DSAF Members STIRLING

Current General Members:  DSAF Members GENERAL

Current Youth Members:  DSAF Members YOUTH






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